Forever for a Year: TeenReads

TEENREADS REVIEW “The main characters in B. T. Gottfred’s debut novel, on the other hand, often think and talk the way real teens do most of the time — they’re often impulsive, confused, overeager, naïve and self-centered — all at the same time…. a painfully realistic portrait of young love, warts and all.” Read The Full [...]

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Salon: Forever for a Year

SALON: SEX: THE LAST TABOO OF YA LITERATURE? NOT ANYMORE! "More recently, the joys of first love and first times are quite vibrantly and extensively described (with no detail spared) in the hilarious “Forever for a Year” by debut author B.T. Gottfred, about two high school freshmen, Carolina and Trevor, who can’t keep their hands [...]

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Barnes & Noble: YA Summer Reading List

  BARNES & NOBLE: 40 YA BOOKS YOU NEED ON YOUR SUMMER READING LIST "Summer isn’t just about Choco Tacos and weird tanlines, it’s about racing through summer releases like it’s your job, and business is good. Here are 40 June through August YA books I can’t wait to get my hands on, or have already [...]

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