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I’m from Riverbend, Illinois. Some people might say this is fictional location, that it’s just a town that my three YA novels are set in. But my characters have convinced me that it’s more real than the place my parents insist I grew up. I now reside in Los Angeles, which is definitely a fictional place.

Been writing since college, which emotionally feels like two years ago but might be ten times that. I started writing when I realized I was crazy and needed to capture that craziness on the page or else the lunatics would run the asylum that is my brain.

Voices start talking to each other almost daily. Eventually two or more voices will stick around for weeks or months and demand that they get their own story.

The easiest part is when I’m procrastinating. The hardest part is the actual writing. (On second thought, it may be the opposite. Procrastinating is self-inflicted paralyzation and self-doubt torture that can only be relieved by writing.)

Let two small children order me around. My wife says that we are actually in charge of these children, but anyone who has met these children knows otherwise.

Yes times a 1000. Love doing them.

My third book set at Riverbend High School (“The Handsome Girl & Her Beautiful Boy”) comes out May 2018. My characters from “The Nerdy and the Dirty” and “Forever for a Year” make extended cameos.

In addition to writing my next novel, I write/direct/produce movies and tv shows for Bold Soul Studios, which I co-founded in 2017.